Private Practice Neurology, Neuromed Berlin, Schloßstraße 19, Berlin-Steglitz

More about Dr. Wengert

Medical school at Charité Universitätsmedizin in Berlin. During the final year of studies clinical training in London, Athens, Zurich. From 2000 research assistant at the Multiple Sclerosis Center Berlin (by then: workgroup clinical neuroimmunology), MD thesis on multiple sclerosis. From 2006 specialist training in neurology at the neurology department, Charité Berlin. Board certification in Neurology. As a neurologist, I specialice in the assessment and treatment of common neurological conditions e.g. dizziness, vertigo, headaches, migraine, neuropathic pain syndromes, trigeminal neuralgia, blackouts, epilepsy, tremor, Parkinson’s, etc. Over several years, I have worked in the MS clinic (outpatient clinic) of the Charité Berlin. Since a study visit to the „peripheral nerves team“ of the Institute of Neurology in London 2005  I have developed a special interest in neurology of the peripheral nervous system. At the Charité Berlin training in clinical neurophysiology (NCS, EMG) and neurological ultrasound (neurosonology, nerve sonography). More than 10 years of experience in clinical neurology. Since 4/2015 private practice neurology in Berlin, Schloßstraße 30. Special interest and expertise in looking after patients with peripheral nerve disorders and diagnostic tests used to evaluate people with suspected peripheral nerve disorders, such as nerve conduction studies, electromyography, nerve sonography.

Dr. Wengert is certified by and a member of the german society of clinical neurophysiology (DGKN; British counterpart: BSCN; North-American counterpart: AANEM).

Dr Oliver Wengert, Neuromed Berlin neurology private practice, Schloßstraße 19 in Berlin Steglitz

How to make an appointment:

Tel.: 030 23 54 55 45

Fax.: 030 23 54 55 39
Mail: info(at)

Where the office is located and how to get there:

Schloßstrasse 19
12163 Berlin Steglitz

Consultation Fees

Please note, this is a private health care office for neurology and clinical neurophysiology. The consultation fees are covered by private health insurance. Statutory health insurance funds will usually not cover the costs, as I do not have a so-called “Kassenzulassung” (statutory health insurance accreditation). If privately insured, you pay doctor’s fees and medicine costs and send receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you are covered under national public health scheme you are of course welcome to use our services. In this case, you will get a bill for the consultation. (see below: cost transparency). Many direct paying clients come for a second opinion in order to receive a valid neurological examination and counselling on the necessity of an operation, e.g. If you want to learn, how a neurological examination in my office is performed, what examinations are done and which questions can be answered by these examinations, please look here.

Why private practice?

The main advantage of operating a private practice is, that I can decide on the time needed for consultation and examination without time restraints. This way, I can plan more time for examinations. Individualized counseling and especially a thorough high-quality examination by NCS and EMG and nerve sonography would not be possible for me within the restraints of statutory health insurance. Especially if important therapy decisions have to be made, I prefer relying on a thorough and informative (which means oftentimes: time-consuming) examination. I always work with prior appointment. This helps to avoid unnecessary waiting times. Please come on time to your scheduled appointment and plan enough time for the examination (examination time usually 60min).

Cost Transparency:

Medical doctors in Germany are not free to define prices for medical consultation. Billing has to be conducted according to the current Medical Fee Schedule (so called GOÄ) for physicians. In the Medical Fee Schedule (so called GOÄ), there are obligatory predefined fees for each medical examination and treatment. These predefined fees are exactly the same throughout Germany.

If you are further interested, please see:  Gebührenordnung für Ärzte

What costs can I expect?

The cost of your consultation will vary on the complexity of your individual case, the examinations needed etc. If you are paying on your own account, we can provide you with a prognosis on treatment costs. If you wish, we can agree on an upper cost limit beforehand. This means the costs will be fully transparent to you in advance. Please ask.